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  Growing up in the Philippines, one of the most ubiquitous sounds we would hear was the neighbourhood magtataho  (taho vendor) selling his wares: Tahoooooooo!  When we were still very little, it was kinda like magic: we would hear the word being called out in the streets, and next thing you knew you were holding a warm plastic cup of the stuff. It didn't use to come with any spoons, so we'd just drink it straight from the cup. I loved how pleasantly hot and sweet it always was! My favourite part was finding and chewing on the sago :) As we grew older, my parents started letting us go out to the street to purchase the taho—either accompanying our katulong  (househelp) or buying the taho ourselves. Watching the magtataho  go through the entire process of assembling the treat both mesmerized me (because it was so cool and deliberate) and tested my patience (because there were so many steps)! So first I have to explain: any magtataho  carries his wares in two large metal buckets c

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